Infiniti Kloud

The Super-Simple Way to Keep Your Computer’s Data Safe!

“If you save important photos, videos & documents on a computer, you need this little gadget!”

This affordable NEW gadget instantly organizes and backs up all your important files – perfect for safekeeping!


Losing your personal files due to hard drive or software failure could cause a massive impact on your daily life, especially for those who earn their income through online and computer work. Hours upon hours of hard work can be lost forever, which means a tremendous disaster.

But not only losing your hard work can be devastating. Many people report that losing their personal memories in the form of videos, music, and photos, is heartbreaking, if not worse than losing hours of hard work.



InfinitiKloud is a pocket-sized drive that stores a complete backup of your important files. It protects your important files from viruses, file corruption, and hard drive failure. It comes with a simple program, which enables you to back up your most important files easily.






  • It just needs to be plugged into the computer. The built-in software sets up on its own.
  • It automatically detects your most important files. There is no need for browsing your drive for hours.
  • You can customize the kind of files you want to be saved, restored and transferred.
  • It is compatible with the latest Mac and PC models and can be used with a USB-C adapter.



The backup will finish in just a few minutes. Phew! You could finally relax knowing your data is safe.

InfinitiKloud seems like a simple USB drive, but it’s so much more than that. One of the most important benefits compared to common storage devices is the built-in software, which makes it much easier to use than a normal device.

It saves a lot of your time by detecting your most important files for videos, photos, music, and documents automatically. It enables you to customize the kind of files you consider as necessary to be backed up or restored. It simplifies the storage process tremendously. It is small and pocket-sized, ready to use anytime and anywhere.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Back up your files and data today! Don’t waste your time and money on expensive hardware drives or cloud subscriptions. Save your photos, videos, personal memories, and hard work.

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